Oh I do like to be beside the seaside……

Key stage one all had an amazing day in Hunstanton today. We played on the beach, paddled in the sea, had a picnic surrounded by swooping seagulls, visited the sea life centre and had chips by the seaside before all returning to school safely. Thank you to all of the adults for making sure that every child had a great time and thank you to the children who were so well behaved. We even got to tickle a starfish and stroke a crab!


Marble jar reward.

Steve Redgrave class have filled their jar again! The children chose to wear their pyjamas and have their teddies in school. They also wanted to make Father’s Day cards for those special people in their lives.It was a fabulously fun afternoon!

Pirate adventure

Today we have enjoyed the press play technology. We have had an amazing time using the experience to imagine that we were kidnapped by pirates and a dragon. We successfully completed the story by finding the treasure and escaping.

Woodland adventures

Steve Redgrave class have been out exploring East Carlton Park today. We have had a competitive scavenger hunt in the woods to use our knowledge of natural materials and their properties. We have also used our knowledge of woodland creatures and their habitats to create some beautiful works of art.

I believe in fairies, I do, I do!

Today a key stage one have immersed themselves into the Neverland world. We have enjoyed the movie of Peter Pan and we have been creating props to help us achieve excellence within our literacy sessions. Over the next few weeks we will be creating writing from every genre. Keep an eye out for exciting letters, reports, fact sheets and stories that we will be creating.

Eye eye captain!

Over the past three weeks year two have been thinking about the suitability of materials. We decided to test materials and then use our understanding to design, create and test pirate ships. Through experiment based learning we have developed our understanding of materials and how they are or not suitable for a purpose. Here are some photos of our scientific adventure.

Fun in Science.

The children had so much fun today being a science detective – finding out which materials would float or sink. Then based upon their understanding of absorbent and not absorbent, waterproof and not waterproof, strong and weak and heavy and light they designed their own boats. Finally, they all tested their boats in a paddling pool outside. Only one child fell in! The children had so much fun and were certainly engaged in their learning. Definitely the reason why I love my job as a KS1 teacher.

Science is fun in KS1!

We love Science at St Andrews because we get to conduct loads of cool experiments and think about the way things work.


Last week we were investigating waterproof materials to make an umbrella. We had three brave volunteers! We found out that cardboard, tin foil and plastic bin bags are waterproof but cotton wool and paper are not!PicCollage (46)

This week we have been investigating hard and soft materials. We wrapped eggs up in soft materials and made them rockets so they could safely come down to Earth.

Picture1PicCollage (48)

We found that the eggs that lasted the longest had soft material on the top and the bottom of it.

Scrambled eggs for tea tonight!

If you go down to the woods today..

…you’re in for a big surprise!

For today is the day that David Attenborough class enjoyed their Teddy Bear’s Picnic. This was due to their fantastic win of the school Mathletics competition!

We all enjoyed seeing everyone’s teddies, some were new and could sing, some were old and had been in the family for a long time, some were brightly coloured, some were worn out and well cuddled but it was very clear that EVERYONE loves having a teddy to cuddle, even Miss Bass and Mrs Elston!

We enjoyed lots of yummy snacks, made strange combinations (crisps in chocolate cake anyone?) and had lots of fun playing outside. Mrs Elston even joined in a game of football!

It was a lovely afternoon and well deserved!

PicCollage (43).png