Peer Reading


Not one, but two!

David Attenborough class have been working very hard this term, showing the values of friendship, resilience, respect, unity and love. We have made so many good choices that we have filled up our class marble jar not once, but twice!

This afternoon we have enjoyed watching the classic film Alice in Wonderland and having a special treat of crisps.

We loved the funny film and all the silly things that happened in it!

Did you know that Alice in Wonderland is based on a book by Lewis Carroll? It would make a perfect bedtime story!


How high can you climb?

Key Stage 1 had a lot of fun on Day 1 of our school Growth Mindset challenge. We had a go at clambering on the mini boulder, aimed and shot arrows in Archery and faced our fears by climbing the 9 metre climbing wall!

Some of us were really excited to have a go and some of us were very scared but we all had a go 🙂

Lots of children were able to climb all the way to the top – some of us were even able to do it lots of times! A few children were nervous and took a couple of tries to get on the wall, not getting very high – but all the teachers were proud of how well their friends were cheering them on – great friendship!

We can’t wait to see what other adventures we have to develop our Growth Mindset – it’s important to not give up, even when it’s tricky!



Making cupcakes

The children in Key Stage One enjoyed an afternoon of making cakes. Following on from reading the story of Little Red Riding Hood we decided to bake cakes for grandma. Tomorrow in literacy we will be writing the instructions.