Captain Dan-Tastic!

KS1 were very lucky to be visited by a real life pirate this week. Captain Dan-Tastic came and taught us about all sorts of aspects of pirate life – we learnt about the different types of ships, where pirates went to sleep, and where they went to the toilet – the POOP DECK! YUCK!!

He showed us lots of different types of swords and daggers, and we even got to see a real flintlock pistol!

We learnt about pirate treasure, and got some of our own to take home forever – how lucky!

There was so much to learn that even the teachers learnt new things – did you know bacon comes from the word buccaneer? These pirates were called this because they would hunt and catch pigs to eat.

Captain Dan-Tastic also taught us that even the male pirates often had long hair, wore sparkly clothes and loved jewellery. Being a pirate sounds like fun 🙂


PicCollage (2)


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