Water safety day

Year two have been learning about water safety today. They spent the morning learning about the dangers of swimming in rivers, lakes and ponds. They now understand the dangers and are aware of what to do in an emergency. They demonstrated their understanding by creating some wonderful water safety posters to display around school. After learning how to be safe around water we had massive amounts of fun playing with water safely in the playground. The children delighted in soaking the adults and squealed with pleasure when they had the opportunity to shoot Mr Reid and even Mr Arnell who hadn’t brought any spare clothes!


Oh I do like to be beside the seaside……

Key stage one all had an amazing day in Hunstanton today. We played on the beach, paddled in the sea, had a picnic surrounded by swooping seagulls, visited the sea life centre and had chips by the seaside before all returning to school safely. Thank you to all of the adults for making sure that every child had a great time and thank you to the children who were so well behaved. We even got to tickle a starfish and stroke a crab!

Marble jar reward.

Steve Redgrave class have filled their jar again! The children chose to wear their pyjamas and have their teddies in school. They also wanted to make Father’s Day cards for those special people in their lives.It was a fabulously fun afternoon!

Pirate adventure

Today we have enjoyed the press play technology. We have had an amazing time using the experience to imagine that we were kidnapped by pirates and a dragon. We successfully completed the story by finding the treasure and escaping.

Woodland adventures

Steve Redgrave class have been out exploring East Carlton Park today. We have had a competitive scavenger hunt in the woods to use our knowledge of natural materials and their properties. We have also used our knowledge of woodland creatures and their habitats to create some beautiful works of art.

I believe in fairies, I do, I do!

Today a key stage one have immersed themselves into the Neverland world. We have enjoyed the movie of Peter Pan and we have been creating props to help us achieve excellence within our literacy sessions. Over the next few weeks we will be creating writing from every genre. Keep an eye out for exciting letters, reports, fact sheets and stories that we will be creating.