Wonderful worms

Year two scientists have been exploring the mighty earthworm today. We have learnt how it is suited to its environment, its body parts and created our very own wormery. Please quiz us about the marvellous facts we know.


P p p p pick up a penguin.

Key stage one have just returned from yet another fantastic school trip. Today we went all the way to Bourton on the Water to visit Birdland. Our focus was to meet to the penguins which was amazing. We got so close to them that we could actually smell them. They really are very smelly!

We learnt all about the penguin species from Alistair the penguin keeper. We even got to meet a famous penguin called Spike who was in a Batman film. Here here is below.

Guess what? There are lots and lots of exciting birds at Birdland and even a few animals that you wouldn’t expect to meet. Here are a few more pictures of us enjoying our trip. See if you can spot the animals that aren’t birds.