East Carlton park

We went to the woods again to see how it had changed from the last time we visited in Autumn. We noticed that all the leaves that were on the ground had magically disappeared! We then discovered that leaves rot and go back into the ground. Did you know that they feed lots of bugs that live in the woods? We took some equipment with us and had lots of fun discovering which bugs live there. We even discovered one that Mrs Eager had never seen before! Take a look at the photo’s to see how much fun we had.


Look Who’s Talking!

This week we have been practicing our speaking and listening skills in preparation for our ‘Look Who’s Talking’ competition!

Everyone in the school took part, from Nursery, all the way up to Year 6.

We had to learn a poem, do a presentation on something we like, AND answer questions about it – PHEW!

We also had to show the value of courage, because standing up in front of our class was really scary!

After battling it out in our classes, the winners from each class were chosen and performed in front of the whole of KS1. Key Stage 1 voted, and it was decided that the winner from David Attenborough class was the overall winner of the contest for KS1, and he would be performing in front of the whole school, and in front of parents.

Well done to everyone that took part in the competition, and thank you for teaching us about new and interesting things like water, famous Youtubers, stars, dance, football, Disney films and all of your other amazing interests!

The big reveal!

No one knows what this terms topic is… here we are finding out.There are clues hidden in the ice. We have got to become scientists to get to the number in the ice and get our clue.

What will make the ice melt quickest?

The clues revealed that we will be learning about life in the freezer!

This half term will focus on the Antarctic and next half term we will look at the Arctic 🙂

We can’t wait to learn about the continents and their inhabitants.