Fire! Fire! Pour on water!

Today key stage one recreated the fire of London. Everyone was really surprised at just how quickly the fire spread. The smell was intense and “yucky”. The temperature was “very hot”. ​


In 1666…

The children in key stage one had an amazing time learning lots of interesting facts about they great fire of London. Did you know that the fire finished in Pie lane? Did you also know that the houses at the time did not have thatched roofs? The children got to experience life in 1666 during the workshop by making candles, perfumes, medicines and they were able to reenact the events.

Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken!

Key stage one have had a very exciting week with our new friends. On Tuesday 10 eggs arrived at school. We have taken care of them in the incubator, just like mummy hen would. Much to our delight all ten eggs have hatched! We have learnt so much about the life cycle of a chicken because of our visitors. Here we are enjoying them in Steve Redgrave class.

Bakers delight

As part of our literacy unit we have been writing a story entitled The Little Red Hen. In this tale the hen grows wheat and makes bread. So we have enjoyed discovering how bread is made and what is needed to make it. Here are a few photos of us exploring bread.