Medieval tournament.

Today Key Stage One took part in an inter house medieval tournament.  Braybrooke, Fotheringhay, Barnwell and Rockingham competed against one another to become champions at horse racing, jousting, archery and apple bobbing. It was a fantastic event and a really wonderful way to end this terms topic of Turrets and Tiaras. 


The new Steve redgrave class!

Over the last two days the new Steve Redgrave class have been getting to know each other. We have found out about our class champion Sir Steve Redgrave, played lots of games, baked, been artists, amazing mathematicians and created come wonderful writing.  Here are a few photos showing the fun we had.

Lots of fun

The new Charles Wicksteed class have been busy getting to know each other during the past 2 days.  This morning we made elephant ear pastries, painted in the style of Kandinsky and played elephant hoopla. A great day was had by all.


What a brilliant morning. Thank you to the crew of White Watch from Kettering station who have spent the morning teaching our Year 2 children about fire safety.  Much excitement to see how far the hose would squirt!

Welcome to the new Steve Redgrave class!

Today the children from reception joined the current year one children for some fun at Wicksteed park. It was a fantastic day, the children had lots of time to play together and get to know each other ahead of the transition days next week. We enjoyed a ride on a double decker bus, then we played ball games in the field. After that we enjoyed lunch together as a whole key stage for the first time. After lunch we visited the sandpit and built some amazing sand castles. Then we played in the playground and really tested our independent and team skills whilst navigating the play equipment.