Food and farming day.

Today we joined the rest of the school and enjoyed a day of food and farming at Peterborough show ground. It was an amazing day enjoyed by all. We loved learning about our food and where it comes from.


Potatoes at the ready!

During our turrets and tiaras topic we have been learning about the food that people that lived in castles could grow and eat. We had a competition to grow potatoes in our classrooms and yesterday was time to reveal the results.

We were desperate to find out what was beneath the soil. Which class would be the winner?Unfortunately Steven Redgrave class had over watered our plants so there were no potatoes for us.Charles Wicksteed class had been more successful however and managed to grow some lovely little potatoes.

David Attenborough class had placed their potato plants outside and grown this massive bumper crop! Proving that it is better to grow potatoes outside rather than in the classroom. Well done David Attenborough class!

Bees pleazzz!

Key stage one were very lucky to have a visit from the bee lady. We learnt lots of interesting facts about bees and many of us would quite like to have a hive in our garden. We know not to be scared of bees anymore and that we should treat them with respect.

Warwick castle

Our school trip to Warwick castle was amazing! We were able to demonstrate how much we have learnt about castles and learn so much more!

We mastered the maze and all of us found the stamps to earn a Warwick castle badge in the horrible histories maze.We didn’t let the rain spoil our fun. Instead we explored the massive tree. We found out that we can stay dry outside even when it is raining!We explored every inch of the castle and found out about castle life.After the talk about the trebuchet, we ate our lunch and learnt about forces by rolling down the hill. The races were a lot of fun!Then we climbed to the top of the mound to see the wonderful view from the top.We all became very brave after this and wanted to climb to the top of guys tower. So guess what? WE DID!We were all very tired after this because it is a very long way but the bow man kept us very entertained whilst we recovered.Then it was time to try out how heavy the armour really was.We had so much fun, none of us wanted to leave but it was time to return to school, exhausted but happy.