Ice lollies in sunshine!

After a long hard-working term, we are having ice lollies in the sun!

Well done to Year 2 for all their hard work during this week’s SATs tests! Enjoy a well-earned half-term everyone!


Biscuit making fun!

This week, the children have had lots of fun making biscuits!
 Luckily, they made delicious shortbread, not hard tack biscuits that pirates had to eat, were very dry and very, very hard to eat! Unfortunately, sometimes they would have weevils in them as well – yuk!

Making Treasure Maps

We have been showing the value of unity and working together to make our own treasure maps. We used metre rulers to measure the length of the wool and made our grid lines. We have labelled the squares using letters and numbers. Now we are busy drawing the features on our treasure map so that we can describe the location of the treasure using coordinates.