How high can you climb?

Key Stage 1 had a lot of fun on Day 1 of our school Growth Mindset challenge. We had a go at clambering on the mini boulder, aimed and shot arrows in Archery and faced our fears by climbing the 9 metre climbing wall!

Some of us were really excited to have a go and some of us were very scared but we all had a go 🙂

Lots of children were able to climb all the way to the top – some of us were even able to do it lots of times! A few children were nervous and took a couple of tries to get on the wall, not getting very high – but all the teachers were proud of how well their friends were cheering them on – great friendship!

We can’t wait to see what other adventures we have to develop our Growth Mindset – it’s important to not give up, even when it’s tricky!




Making cupcakes

The children in Key Stage One enjoyed an afternoon of making cakes. Following on from reading the story of Little Red Riding Hood we decided to bake cakes for grandma. Tomorrow in literacy we will be writing the instructions.

Goodbye for another year!

We have come to the end of another school year at St Andrews and David Attenborough have had a wonderful time!

We met fluffy chicks, explorers and pirates; set fire to our own 1666 London, visited penguins and paddled in the sea; we competed to be the champions in Bug Club, attendance and Mathletics; and we showed the values of unity, love, excellence and friendship every single day.

On our last day of term we had a party where we said goodbye to our friends that we were leaving, and those that were leaving St. Andrews for new adventures. We even had an appearance from DJ Mikey!

We hope that you all have a fantastic summer, and can’t wait to hear about it in September!

Thank you all for a great year!

Miss Bass and Mrs Elston



Captain Dan-Tastic!

KS1 were very lucky to be visited by a real life pirate this week. Captain Dan-Tastic came and taught us about all sorts of aspects of pirate life – we learnt about the different types of ships, where pirates went to sleep, and where they went to the toilet – the POOP DECK! YUCK!!

He showed us lots of different types of swords and daggers, and we even got to see a real flintlock pistol!

We learnt about pirate treasure, and got some of our own to take home forever – how lucky!

There was so much to learn that even the teachers learnt new things – did you know bacon comes from the word buccaneer? These pirates were called this because they would hunt and catch pigs to eat.

Captain Dan-Tastic also taught us that even the male pirates often had long hair, wore sparkly clothes and loved jewellery. Being a pirate sounds like fun 🙂


PicCollage (2)

Year 2 residential

What a fabulous time the Year 2 children and staff had at The John Lowther Scout Centre for a one night residential. The last girl was still awake at 1.45am and first boys were awake at 5.45am! Lots of outdoor fun – rounders, singing and hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows around the campfire, archery, climbing to the top of the climbing wall and hide and seek in the woods.

Pirates VS Mermaids

David Attenborough class worked so hard on their class assembly this term. It was all about the vicious Captain Scarypants and her pirate crew and how they overcame their dislike of mermaids as they learnt how to swim.

I was so proud of all the children that took part, learning their lines, actions and songs. The songs still seem to be stuck in everyone’s head as they keep being sung in Literacy!


Thank you to all parents who came and for those that missed it – here are some snippets. Ahoy!


Water safety day

Year two have been learning about water safety today. They spent the morning learning about the dangers of swimming in rivers, lakes and ponds. They now understand the dangers and are aware of what to do in an emergency. They demonstrated their understanding by creating some wonderful water safety posters to display around school. After learning how to be safe around water we had massive amounts of fun playing with water safely in the playground. The children delighted in soaking the adults and squealed with pleasure when they had the opportunity to shoot Mr Reid and even Mr Arnell who hadn’t brought any spare clothes!

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside……

Key stage one all had an amazing day in Hunstanton today. We played on the beach, paddled in the sea, had a picnic surrounded by swooping seagulls, visited the sea life centre and had chips by the seaside before all returning to school safely. Thank you to all of the adults for making sure that every child had a great time and thank you to the children who were so well behaved. We even got to tickle a starfish and stroke a crab!